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“The ExecutiveBiography.org sends me a first draft about my executive biography order. They ask if I like the first draft and if I’m not, they are willing to revise it until I am satisfied. When I hot the first draft, I love the result and I don’t ask for any amendments.”

Peter, Malaysia

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Executive Biography

Executive Biographies Writing Service

Writing an executive biography may not feel challenging – until you actually sit down to start writing. Suddenly a myriad of questions are flowing through your head: Should I include certain details of my previous position or leave them out? How long should it be? What proper wording should be used? Trying to recollect and summarize years of accomplishments is difficult enough but you should also keep in mind that no one condones bragging in an executive bio. Relying on an professional execitive resume writing service, such as that provided by ExecutiveBiography.org will maximize your chances of success. Receive assistance from experts in the art of writing executive biographies.

The Best Executive Bio

In order for an executive bio to be considered one of the best it really has to grab the attention of the reader. It is not meant to be a long and drawn out account of everything you have done, such as recounting all the positions you have held – this is a strategy often used for a CEO biography. Rather, you should concentrate on two or three most important accomplishments and elaborate concisely about them.

Executive biographies should have a certain WOW factor – something special that makes you stand out. When you hire a professional bio writer to help you with this, your resume will acquire an objective insight about your career with high quality to boot. Our writers make sure they use the most appropriate words, phrases and keywords to highlight your skills in leadership and general management abilities.

Tell a Story in Your Executive Biography

executive biographyAn executive personal record should not be dull and boring by simply restating the details of your resume. Such writing consists of about only four or five paragraphs so it must be really concise. We provide all clients with original writing that has an introduction and a conclusion along with the main body that paints a picture of you as an executive. At ExecutiveBiography.org we have the writers that are able to show how you responded to challenging situations without seeming to be arrogant in any way.

Let us help you tell the story of your career in an executive bio. We know how to make your career sound exciting and demonstrate how skillful you are.